esopop | World of Tanks : PS4 Version To Be Updated With Soviet And German Tanks

Wargaming has announced that the PS4 version of World of Tanks will be patched with the Wolfpack update on March 8th. New content will include 3 new maps and both Soviet and German tanks. 

Making their debut to the PlayStation®4 battlefield are 18 light and medium Soviet and German tanks. These vehicles, including the A-44, Obj.140, Pz. II G, VK 30.02 D and Leopard 1 are adept at flanking their opponents when hunting as a pack to overwhelm the enemy from every direction. The Wolfpack update has also added three new maps to PlayStation®4 including the mountain trails of Severogorsk, offering excellent sniping opportunities, Tundra with a versatile brawling battlefield, and Dragon Ridge with endless routes and angles of attack.

Read more about the update on the World of Tanks Console site.

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