Elder Scrolls Online: Some Rants with OT and WF

Since OT came out with this Character scaling, it really seems not accurate at times. (PS4 platform.) For one instance that happened, me and my guild mates have been trying to grind the last few days for our last pumpkin mask’s, we have been doing what we always do, going around and fighting at Dark anchor’s, delve’s, and so on. (Which i’m sure many other’s are too..) But anyways, without starting the dark anchor first, being at almost 200CP for all four of us, we seen there were three 500CP player’s if not higher that entered and started fighting it first. So we jumped in…(By what we read, the battle would be scaled towards the higher level’s…Which it was actually working just like that, the battle’s were scaled towards the higher ranked player’s..Correct me if i’m wrong. That’s how it should be if i’m incorrect.) it was a pretty intense battle with damage and so on, where it was taking a bit to kill an enemy. At the tail end, it was like the Boss was scaled down to our level making the Boss scaled to 160, it took seconds to kill him, and not one plunder skull… Where before, when OT just came out, we would go up into a Dark Anchor fight at the beginning till the end, and the boss was really tough to beat and we got our plunder skull’s. For the record it was just pretty much the same amount of extra people with 500CP plus.. including me and my guild mates at almost 200CP each, fighting the anchor. Where the Higher CP’s started the battle, and we jumped in..and it worked perfect. It honestly didn’t matter if the 500CP plus players joined in at the beginning or the end, we dominated the battle, and got nothing for it. (I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, but i’m trying to explain it as simple as I can.)

I’m not understanding the mechanics of this scaling. It’s been happening more now since the Witches Festival is ending soon, that the game is starting to become more laggy, the bosses aren’t scaling right, and the Plunder Skulls aren’t dropping like they’re suppose to. And what’s worse, people are starting to troll Dark Anchors…on many different occasions, when we started a Dark Anchor, it was just the four of us fighting at one by ourselves till the tail end when the boss shows up, bam like ten different people show up out of hiding and kill the boss and we get no plunder skulls. Keep in mind it is happening a lot more now that the WF is ending soon so it’s not like they’re showing up just coincidently, because there are also a lot of times where people stand on the side lines till it’s time to kill the boss and they run up and just kill the boss and we get nothing because the battle became too easy.. It’s BS what’s the point of fighting to get the plunder skulls if it you can’t even get a Plunder Skull for the hard work you put in..

Elder Scrolls Online: Some Rants with OT and WF

It’s just really irritating that you fight and you fight on these really tough enemies from the beginning, and you don’t get anything for the hard work. I also am not please with this so called “RGN” drop rate with the Masks’ into the plunder skulls. I really don’t believe it’s RGN considering that a lot of people getting 5 to 10 a day with masks, and me and one of my guild mate can’t even get freaking one…We’ve have been grinding well over 700 plunders..from the event period…(I know, I know…we had three weeks to get it…But that’s not the case..) It sucks that you fight really tough battles and all you are rewarded with is a sweet rerun of recipe’s and/or motif’s, if that, because the times where you don’t get the plunder skulls for finishing the boss… I get that, that’s the whole point of the event, but why is it that people can get so many on one account, acting like it’s their rerun’s of recipes and motif’s, so on…And some of us can’t even get one?  It’s sad that it’s suppose to be looted for FREE, and it’s like your making us have to pay another player that got it for FREE, just so we can get the “rare” mask. I don’t know if we are the only ones encountering this or if other’s are having the same issue.

Not trying to diss you guy’s and/or being rude…Because we really enjoyed this event..But it’s like fighting a battle you can’t win at.  I really believe it should be changed on how it’s looted and/or just increase the “RGN” for it, so we can all win and have one fair and square. I hope the New Life Festival is different and much easier? I guess I should say, to be able to collect all the rewards fair and square.. -_- /EndRant

But on the plus side, other than the issue with the RGN on the masks, (I’m sure RGN on other loot items..) and the scaling issue, we’ve been really enjoying OT! I love going to my favorite land (Auridon) and fighting enemies and actually getting loot.  For me I personally love that ESO OT, doesn’t look bare anymore when I travel to other cities. Before when OT was not launched yet..With being over level 50 you got access to all of Tamriel..(Besides for the DLC land’s of course.) And I alway’s wished we could see more player’s in these places, almost like it is now.. But it was so bare and dead looking. Now it’s like a whole new world and experience. I’m loving that! Just kind of wishing the Dueling boundaries can be set else where and not in front of the Wayshrine’s because it gets soo laggy, that you can’t even see your map when you’re trying to travel to another location, and sometimes the In game character’s don’t load till like 5 minutes later, making it hard to complete tasks..  The open world bosses are a new and neat experience as well. I love a challenge and now fighting in OT is now more awesome.  It’s not so easy, and basically, it’s like how it should of been at the beginning! Awesome job guy’s on OT!

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