Elder Scrolls Online – Tragedy in Riften

A role play music video for a short story that myself and created and joked about while playing the game, dedicated to Pingu the pig. It has been left a little ambiguous intentionally.

Video was created solely from game play footage in the Live EU server, with many shots taking an absolute age and many takes to get, thanks to unlucky animations and other players running through etc, great fun though.

Note to ZoS (if you’re reading): It is currently extremely hard for players to create content such as this. The only user creativity tools we really have are the field of view sliders (used extensively in this for various effects and unusual shots), the Alt key with the UI off to get a blur effect, as well as relying on help from friends to get extra shots and angles. A limited free camera not centred around your characters position would be a great addition, along with a ‘screenshot mode’ of sorts to disable seeing other players, a position/rotation/animation loop lock for a pet, a weather toggle option and a setting to guarantee a particular idle animation plays when you want it to. We have two computers in the same room and the same animations do not play for the same character on both screens and weather conditions can be completely different for a long time. Also please make it so that Pingu can always stop running when he stands still, he gets so tir

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