‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Update: Homestead Update Available In Xbox One, PS4 In February 21

Last month, Bethesda announced the next step for “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited,” which will appear in the form of the “Homestead” update. The free DLC is similar to “Skyrim’s Hearthfire,” which adds details for players to establish, maintain, furnish and decorate their own home in the game. Bethesda has now unveiled the exact date of the update — February 21.

Bethesda Softworks is an American video game publisher based in Rockville, Maryland. The company now acts as the publisher for its in-house development team, Bethesda Game Studios, and ZeniMax Media’s subsidiaries.

Homestead, which comes free with ESO’s next major update, introduces the long-anticipated player housing system. It also includes furniture crafting and robust home decoration options. There are early 40 unique homes to choose from 2,000 individual decorative and furniture options just to make each home truly unique.

According to TrueAchievements, 40 unique homes are designed, inspired by the game’s ten character races. To have your own home, you must first complete the tutorial quest. After completing the task, you will be given your first home, which is a modest room at a local inn. You can move and buy the ideal home you want using game gold or crowns.

There are two different ways to purchase homes in Homestead. After you complete the tutorial, all additional homes will be available for purchase using your game gold. All unfurnished homes that you can purchase for in-game gold will also be available for purchase with crowns (actual money).

If you prefer your home to be move-in ready and decorated by some of game’s best interior designers, you can purchase the fully furnished version of any home from the Crown Store. You can move and replace all furnishings as you wish.

The update will be available for Xbox One and PS4 on February 21. Meanwhile, “Homestead” arrives a little bit earlier for PC players on February 6. This will, perhaps, give console players some time to plan their approach before the update arrives.

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