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esopop | Hitman 'Season Premiere' shows off Sapienza and Marrakesh

Io is letting us know the episodic model is here to stay with the Hitman ‘Season Premiere’ trailer which, to me, implies more seasons to come after the the initial round of Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Japan, US and Thailand maps.  Of more use than my speculation are the first snippets of footage from Marrakesh—a North African warren, […]

esopop – Psyonix launches Rocket League Championship Series

While I’m disappointed that Psyonix has missed the opportunity to christen ‘The Boom League’ or ‘Hyper Bowl’, an official Rocket League Championship Series has been a long time coming. Rocket League  has been supported by ESL almost since launch, allowing players to organise their own tournaments. MLG also held a thrilling open Rocket League series will a prize pool […]

10 Second Ninja is getting a sequel and remaster combo on esopop

I love the purity of 10 Second Ninja. It’s a unique, simple concept executed without fuss: you have 10 seconds to clear a nightmarish level of platforms, traps and baddies. Go. Technically you can complete the game’s 40 levels in just shy of seven minutes—but you won’t. 10 Second Ninja X is a sequel and remaster all […]

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