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The Elder Scrolls – VVardenfall expansion wishlist

Today I discuss with you a rumored dlc that may be in the works. While nothing has been confirmed it has been talked about as a possibility by many people in the community and among one of the most wished about dlcs that many fans hope to see. My question is, what do you hope […]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Math of RNG, Problems & Suggestions

I know there are tons of threads about it allready, but I would like to discuss the problems of RNG by taking a look at the underlying math. I will present some calculations and examples to display the problems and discuss some possible solutions. TL;DR can be found in the end. To be honest I’m […]

The Elder Scrolls Online – Older Sets need a rework 「IMO」

With one tamriel many people including myself have tried a lot of different sets that dropped in the dungeons but some of them are definitely lacking improvements. Take Sunderflame for example it’s 2 to 4 set is pretty solid (Max stam, weapon damage, weapon crit) but it’s fifth piece isn’t even good if you compare […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Ditching Subscriptions

The Elder Scrolls Online will get a little cheaper this year, with Bethesda removing the subscription fee in preparation for the console release on PS4 and Xbox One this June. This move has been expected for a long time now, as the online Elder Scrolls game failed to make much of a splash when it […]

The missing stat in the Elder Scrolls Online

The missing stat in the Elder Scrolls Online

An issue being faced by the devs is the strong correlation between resources, damage, and healing. Magicka builds with high maximum magicka and spell damage not only do great damage but can also heal themselves very well. The same is true about stamina builds. With high enough resource pools and damage, a player can become […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Questions: How sneaky can you get? What is maximally sneaky?

My first character was a sorcerer. When she hit the high veteran ranks (back when there were veteran ranks) I made her wear one set of armor while carrying around another. One set was “fighting clothes.” The other set was “sneaky clothes.” Now sorcs aren’t all that great at fighting, no matter what they are […]

The Elder Scrolls Online – Shadow of the Hist Expansion Review

The Elder Scrolls Online – Shadow of the Hist Expansion Review

Recently, The Elder Scrolls Online has been battling with giving paying members an advantage, but not enough of an advantage to make free members feel slighted. This has resulted in a lot of interesting loot, but with the exception of three sets, nothing that holds these users back. With the Shadow of the Hist expansion […]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition, release date & price

Bethesda Softworks announced back in July that it would release The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition on September 9. The re-release of the fantasy MMORPG includes the base game as well as four DLC expansion packs. The move is Bethesda’s latest in its campaign to bring new players to the massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPGs) […]

Fair RNG or Rigged RNG? A rational discussion on RNG of Elder Scrolls Online

The RNG system in ESO has drawn a lot of criticism from frustrated players. The most frustrating aspect of RNG is Vet Maelstrom Arena, since it is difficult solo content that can yield you nothing usable after many runs. As a result, many players have come to believe the RNG system is rigged. I would […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Some Rants with OT and WF

Since OT came out with this Character scaling, it really seems not accurate at times. (PS4 platform.) For one instance that happened, me and my guild mates have been trying to grind the last few days for our last pumpkin mask’s, we have been doing what we always do, going around and fighting at Dark […]