Path of exile 3.1 Top-Best Build for Marauder

The Marauder is Path of Exile’s pure strength class, which signifies that he’s terrific at taking hits, and in some cases improved at dishing out punishment.The Marauder’s Ascendancy classes are Juggernaut, Berserker, and Chieftain. In this Post-PoeCurrencyBuy will share six Path of exile 3.1 Top-Best Build for Marauder for you personally

[Poe 3.1 Build] Milky’s Righteous Fire Totems

If you are hunting for an effective build which can kill any boss inside the game, has no trouble with map mods, clears using a decent speed, can farm the labyrinth fairly secure and all that on a low budget you might be within the right guide!
It¡äs also among the top League starter about.
Don¡ät get me incorrect, you will uncover builds that clear maps quicker or run the labyrinth quicker or kill a boss faster, but a lot of are focused on one component or will need a heavy currency investment.
This build can do it all.
The guide is based on the Berserker Class with Blood magic.

There could be some uniques, abyss jewels or shaper/elder mods that happen to be advantageous, but practically nothing is released for the build, however.
Will add anything meaningful after I know about it (at the start off of 3.1 probably).

+ No gear requirement, could be carried out with full rares. But one or two distinct uniques are certainly not bad. Quite Low-priced.
+ Can do nearly every map mod
+ The majority of the Damage comes in the Skilltree and Jewels, that is pretty low-cost for this build.
+ Can play as a Magic Finder, High Damage or Tanky Character.
+ Terrific League starter with tiny gear requirements
+ High Tier maps viable
+ Can do any challenge and boss within the game

– medium clear speed could possibly be more rapidly but also slower
– Difficult to see ground effects like Flamebearers
– Totem RF casting may very well be also delayed in really excellent Partys.
– Annoying to some fleeing Enemy.
– RF totems of distinctive player don’t stack.
– Even though getting a great League starter it includes a slow start until ~lvl 25
– Hall with the Grandmaster can’t be run, the only map that’s fundamentally not possible. The cause is: Totems are obtaining one-shotted by chaos harm grandmaster

Study Build Detail:
[Poe 3.1 Build] 2H Warchief – SSF/HC/Starter

This build is actually a 2H Ancestral Warchief build applying Berserker. Vaal pacts nerf in 3.1 has definitely no impact on this build. It can be expected to carry out as reliably as ever. I’ve played, and noticed individuals play, this build through beta, Harbinger, Turmoil, Mayhem, HC and it had performed almost everything imaginable irrespective of the context.
Take that as my private assure when you wish.
This guide contains 3 versions of the build, utilizing all variants of 2H weaponry. They all commence very equivalent, then diverge into either the conventional Hatred hybrid version (utilizing Atziri’s Disfavour), the complete Brutality physical version (making use of Starforge), or Elemental conversion (applying Brain Rattler) – credits to silicon life for the idea.

+ Tanky
+ Excellent single target
+ SSF viable (hybrid version)
+ Straightforward to upgrade
+ HC viable

– Clearspeed is only fine
– Totems undoubtedly not for everybody
– No leech

Read Build Detail:
[Poe 3.1 Build] Righteous Fire Berserker — T16 – Shaper – Uber

That is not necessarily accurate in each case, for example, in the event you do not run challenging map mods, like reduced regeneration and decreased max res, then you’ll be able to get away with much less total regeneration.

Big sources of regeneration:
– Oak (1%) – highly advised to begin with. It could be worth replacing it with Kill All at some point if you refine your build.
– Empowered Purity of Fire and Vitality (1%), or Stone Golem (110)
– Boots Enchantment (2%)
– Corrupted Kaoms’ Heart (+1 to max res = 0.9% regen)

Other (minor) sources of regeneration:
– 3x Passive Nodes (0.4% each)
– 1x Passive Node (0.3%)
– Passive Node (0.5%, but it takes 2 points to acquire it)
– 0.2% per Endurance Charge Node (requires 3 passive points, giving 0.8% with four endurance charges up) – it would only be worth it when you are running Pohx’s defensive gem setup, considering the fact that with CDT + IC you might shed your endurance charges when it procs

So, as you may see, you will discover plenty of solutions to make up that lost regeneration. Absolutely nothing to be concerned about.
Btw, this patch made legacy Rise from the Phoenix. So if you play Standard, it is possible to just acquire legacy RotP with 8% max fire res.
The rise of your Phoenix: Maximum Fire Resistance granted has been lowered to 5% (from 8%). Life regeneration has been enhanced to 15 to 20 per second (from 6). These adjustments may be divined. New versions now also grant 40 to 60 Life (this can’t be divined).
[Poe 3.1 Build] HC/SC Shockwave totem more than – 300+DPS every single totem Good for Starter

That is not much better than war chief but not worst. Main optimistic – ST operates in big dictation – Warchief desires you keep close to totems. Also with ST you do not need to have excellent DPS Weapons

This guy never will need lots of Poe currency to kick ass hard bosses and clear maps safety and quickly. Most important Thought of it to convert all Phys damage from shockwave totem and cold damage from hatred to fire. This is two variation of build and each of it stong.

Read Build Detail:
[Poe 3.1 Build] Cocotheone Righteous Fire – Life Build – 14k hp four.3k hp reg 800k+ DPS – Deathless Shaper

With 89% Fire Resistance, as you get along with your build as well as a level 20 Purity of fire,
you need 9.9% Health Regeneration to keep up with RF damage.
However, in case you drop the aura connected points you’d need ten.8% Regeneration, with 88% resistance.
Maintaining in mind that your Vitality regenerates an added 0.46% that’s nonetheless only 1.36% health regeneration gained from each of the aura nodes combined.
For those who rather place them on some remaining %regeneration nodes, you might get 1.7% regeneration,
using the added benefit of adding more armor than what improving Determination with aura nodes, also this frees up 3 points and appear additional productive.

+ Tons of HP which can sustain any harm taken
+ Insanely tanky
+ Insanely hp regeneration
+ Immune to Fire Damage / Elemental reflect
+ Viable to survive on higher Desync
+ Viable from 1.3.0 patch can destroy any totem within a second

– You can’t run maps with: no reg, blood magic
– Be quite cautious against bosses to not 1 shoot you Piety / Dominus / Malachai

Study Build Detail:
[Poe 3.1 Build] The Warchief – [Berserker] Ancestral Warchief – over well being and then max out the triggered gems as high as your CWDT will allow them. The discretionary aspect is the tradeoff between having a less potent benefit that activates far more frequently (20% wellness) vs a stronger advantage that activates significantly less frequently (33% overall health).

+ more than 6k Life
+ ~1000 life/s with enduring cry and all charges
+ 7~8 endurance charges
+ 73% Phys reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks
+ tough to die because you keep behind your Totems
+ can do all map mods (reflect is a bit meh because your totems will kill themselves on hit)
+ at lvl 16+ (facebreakers) all content ezpz
+ perfect for tough bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper

– clear speed is average
– Totem playstyle is not for everybody

Study Build Detail:

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