Some view of Elder Scrolls Online of Riding Skill Mechanic

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Ofc I read that there are threads for this already and I know how to use search but I want to post my arguments and my feedback because I just started the game. My biggest problem is that the mount speed and stamina is vital for PVP in Cyrodiil when I get dismounted too easy and when I want to run from a keep to another and arrive too late and too slow. So in order to have a fully competitive pvp mount I need to login 120 days and upgrade my mount daily. Also even worse if I want one day to make an alt because currently I don’t want to make one I have to do it again from start. Seriously why this mechanic? It belongs to browser games or mobile games with refreshing energy and etc.

-People here telling in the forums to other people that we did it so you have to do it too. Really guys? Instead of making the game greater and attractive to new people you just want to punish new players too with this dull mechanic? To level your char to 50 takes a week. To level your mount to max takes half a year? Really?
Some view of Elder Scrolls Online of Riding Skill Mechanic
-To the immersion argument… If you find that it’s immersive to pay someone to teach you how to make your horse carry 1 more thing per day then I don’t know what to say. Immersion would be that if you ride your horse more time and larger distances it becomes stronger.

-To the argument it sales crowns for lessons and ZOS getting tones of money…. Really for a store advertised as cosmetic store if you accept that a core game feature for PVP enjoyment is OK to be bought so people that don’t care or value their 10 euros for 10 lessons I really don’t find it either fair or damn right in a Pay to play game. It’s not even a F2P game and has this stupid mount thing. I don’t care for acount wide horse skins I am not a role player. This is an important pvp feature. They should find smarter ways to attract more money invested. And don’t we already have DLC,cosmetics and ESO plus?

-Also I forgot the other argument by some people here, the one that ” You have to earn some things ” I don’t want my toons to have it already ” ” I want to earn it to all my characters” . Seriously? If it was some fun mechanic I’d like to earn it. But sorry I have better things to do than log in daily just to teach my horse things. I agree that you have to earn some things but this is dull.

Let’s be civil and please reply in a format like “I agree with the current system because of the X reason” or “I find it bad for the Y reason” with valid arguments.

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