The Elder Scrolls Online Questions: How sneaky can you get? What is maximally sneaky?

My first character was a sorcerer. When she hit the high veteran ranks (back when there were veteran ranks) I made her wear one set of armor while carrying around another. One set was “fighting clothes.” The other set was “sneaky clothes.” Now sorcs aren’t all that great at fighting, no matter what they are wearing. So I figured I would make her my sneak thief-and-murderer character. But it didn’t work out. More on why later.

Optimal sneaky clothes include five pieces of Night Mother’s Embrace – try to get the three jewlery items in purple and in the Stamina/Magicka version that is correct for your character. If your character is good with dual wield, the other two NME items can be the two weapons, and, again, those weapons should have the most appropriate traits and enchantments for that character.

But that isn’t all. The compleat sneak also needs three items of the Nightshade set. For me, this is usually head, chest, shoulders.

The Elder Scrolls Online Questions: How sneaky can you get? What is maximally sneaky?

The remaining four armor items (hand, waist, legs, feet) in the sneaky set can be something useful for a sneak who needs to be somewhere else in a big hurry. A set appropriate for this is Cyrodiil’s Ward. Or it can be something to regenerate stamina, magicka, and health, such as Willow’s path or Oblivion’s Foe.

But as I was saying, even with all the correct gear, my sorc just wasn’t sneaky enough. Her detection radius was still 2 meters, and sometimes the game requires you to cross a dungeon where there is no route that keeps you further than that from the nearest one. And if one of them sees you, they all attack. You really need a detection radius no bigger than 1 meter.

The problem with my sorc is her race. She’s a Breton, and Bretons just don’t inherit from their ancestors by way of their genes a high enough Sneakiness Quotient (SQ). That’s why there’s a Sneakiness Gap between Bretons and races who are just naturally sneakier, such as Khajiit and Bosmer.

That’s why I created a Khajiit nightblade character and raised her up to veteran rank 16 and gave her a full set of sneaky clothes and all of the more difficult jobs that require sneaking. She now has much more quest points than my original VR character does, and she does those Thieves’ Guild heist and Dark Brotherhood assassination jobs that my sorc can’t do.

I’m raising a Bosmer character now. When he’s uppity enough in skills, I’ll run him through the TG and DB gauntlets, to see how he stacks up versus the Khajiit. He looks quite promising. He also looks like a Dwemer, with his hair style and beard, and his heavy fighting armor is in the Dwemer style. But anyway for a sneaky character, Khajiit and Bosmer are the two races that outperform all of the others on standardized quests.

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