The Elder Scrolls Online’Player Housing Costs Revealed On PTS, Upcoming Crown Store Items Also Detailed

Over the next several weeks, players of The Elder Scrolls Online have plenty of new additions to enjoy. The Crown Store is welcoming new items throughout January, and February will usher in the Homestead update. Here are some of the new items and features players can expect over the coming weeks while they are adventuring around Tamriel.

In January, the Crown Store will once again be updated with new items. Starting today, players can pick up the new Glenmoril Witch Robes costume or the Assassins League motif. On January 12, the Desert Lynx pet and the “Vested Interest” Banquet Garb costume will be available in the Crown Store. On January 19, several customization options debut in the Style Parlor section of the store with the Sailor’s Squid Goatee only being available for a limited time according to The Elder Scrolls Online website.

In February, the MMORPG is expected to update with the Homestead patch featuring player housing. The upcoming update is now available to test on the PC public test server. The current patch notes include a wealth of information on player housing and what players can expect when the update goes live. The notes, which are located on the game’s official forums, detail how much gold players can plan to spend on different houses in addition to other details on the feature.

When Homestead launches, 39 homes will be offered to players. Three domiciles are apartments that players can unlock through quests. There is an apartment associated with each faction so three characters from each faction can unlock all three places for free. Alternatively, the remaining apartments can be purchased with gold.

In fact, all homes can be purchased with gold regardless of their size. Houses come in four sizes not including the apartment category. Players can save up their gold for small homes, medium homes, large homes, or manors. Excluding manors, there are 10 homes available in each size; one themed around each of the game’s 10 playable races. There are tree manors across Tamriel themed around each of the game’s three major Alliances.

Although all homes can be purchased for gold or Crowns, the patch notes only detail how much players can expect to spend in gold. Small homes found in locations like The Rift, Khenarthi’s Roost, and Malabal Tor start at 40,000 gold and reach as high as 73,000 gold. Medium homes start as low as 190,000 gold and the most expensive medium home costs 335,000 gold. Large homes push prices into the millions with the most affordable costing 780,000 gold and the priciest costing nearly 1.3 million.

The Elder Scrolls Online'Player Housing Costs Revealed On PTS, Upcoming Crown Store Items Also Detailed

Finally, the impressive manor homes in The Elder Scrolls Online are multi-million dollar properties. The manors include Daggerfall Outlook, Ebonheart Chateau, and Serenity Falls Estate. Each one of these spacious pieces of real estate cost over 3.7 million gold. These lots are massive and each features something truly impressive. For instance, the Daggerfall Outlook also features a dungeon area, the Ebonheart Chateau is situated on a volcano, and the Serenity Falls Estate is a compound surrounded by walls.

Players will be able to purchase all 39 homes when the update launches. The homes are shared at the account level giving access to all characters on an account. Homes can be decorated with items purchased with gold or Crowns. Decorations and items can also be crafted with the various tradeskills already available in the game. Players will need to find and learn a recipe before being able to craft the item, though. Smaller homes can hold fewer items, decorations, and NPCs (like Assistants or mounts). Players can place more objects in larger homes, and subscribers to The Elder Scrolls Online can put down twice as many objects in their homes as non-subscribers.

Of course, new Crown Store items and the introduction of player housing are just a few of features coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. As the Inquisitr reported, PvP is being addressed in the coming months. Players will have new items to buy with their Alliance Points, area-of-effect damage is being tuned in PvP, and other notable bugs are being addressed in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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