The Elder Scrolls – VVardenfall expansion wishlist

Today I discuss with you a rumored dlc that may be in the works. While nothing has been confirmed it has been talked about as a possibility by many people in the community and among one of the most wished about dlcs that many fans hope to see. My question is, what do you hope to see in this dlc that it should bring to the table in terms of content? and for those die hard fans, what do you hope to see make a comeback in terms of getting your nostalgia pumping and havingyou willing to toss your wallet thrown at zenimax if they were to bring said wished features?

In terms of content- I really hope clanfears make a comeback. Known as the scourge of vvardenfall, every long time fan of morrowind will know that shriek. as the battle music rows and you hear that “SCRRAAAAAW” and look up into the sky and not see one, not two, but twenty of those monsters come to swarm you and unleash their wrath on you. After the intense battle you go onward and twenty steps later you hear another “SCRRAAAAAAW” and see another swarm come to challenge you. Again I would like fans of the elder scrolls franchise yet to have played morrowind learn of the pain we endured in that game

in terms of voice acting-
I really want to have that iconic raspy voice that vvavendenfal dunmer had make a come back. I want to really feel a sense of hostility toward me as an outlander setting foot into these lands unknown to vestige and that old sense of distrust as the local guards call me scum and the enemies of the zone yell old insults such as calling me “N’WAH” or “Die Fetcher!” and seeing as progress is made throughout the questline, this distrust is lost as I prove myself worthy of the local’s respect.

The Elder Scrolls - VVardenfall expansion wishlist

In terms of motifs-
I would like Bonemold to make a comeback in this expansion styled of the many different houses within, with bonemeld getting its own catergory in order to fit the big variety of available house armor that your house would choose. Another motif I would like to see is netch leather. It has many unique styled looks that look quite exotic compared to other cultures armors and would give more variety to choose from for your character. And lastly my biggest wish is Vvardenfall glass armor. It has a very unique look and to me is one of the most unique looking armors in the elder scrolls franchise. While glass already exists, it is styled after high elven culture and I would like to see this one styled after dark elf culture. Perhaps vvadenfall glass could give another use for malachite shards.

In terms of locations-
since this is set in the past, I am unsure if Balmora exists yet. If it does, I would love to have it set as a location that is the place to be, and is as convenient as rawlkha in terms of accessibility to crafting tables. While I wait and look for daily pledges I could see the sight of the beautiful river running through the center of the city and ejoy the local sights. If this city was added to the game, I would probably make it my home city.

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