The missing stat in the Elder Scrolls Online

An issue being faced by the devs is the strong correlation between resources, damage, and healing. Magicka builds with high maximum magicka and spell damage not only do great damage but can also heal themselves very well. The same is true about stamina builds. With high enough resource pools and damage, a player can become a mighty foe with high survivability without speccing into defences or health due to great heals.

This brings me to the missing stat I am referring to. We have stamina, weapon damage, and stamina recovery. They each contribute to being a stamina based character; and magicka based uses magicka, spell damage, and magicka recovery. But the same isn’t true for health. There is health and heath recovery. There is a missing stat for health based characters. Now, what if this missing, let’s call it constitution, was placed into the game.

This new stat can work just like every other stat in the game. Currently, increasing your weapon damage increases your damage done and healing done. Instead, let’s introduce constitution which will increase your healing. Therefore, the two stats, spell damage and weapon damage will not increase your healing done. If a player wants increased healing done, he/she will have to increase his/her constitution and health. Vigor, breath of life, healing ward, dragon blood, rally, healing spring, etc., will all scale with maximum health and constitution.

The missing stat in the Elder Scrolls Online

Albeit I haven’t given this much detailed thought but consider it. Tanks roam with a variety of resources pools with health usually being the highest. Tanks though, do not use weapon and spell damage much, nor well they use the new constitution stat because just like weapon and spell damage, it will not benefit their role. Damage dealers currently do not spec into health. Most put every resource available into weapon damage/spell damage and stamina/magicka. They as well, will not spec into the new constitution stat. Healers, on the other hand, will. Healers will have to reduce their weapon/spell damage stat and increase their constitution state as well as their health in order to heal effectively.

Now, if this was applied to cyrodiil, players will have to create builds with a very specific damage dealing role or dance between decent damage and reliable self heals by speccing into both weapon damage/spell damage and constitution. Tanks can increase either their constitution, sacrificing damage to self heal or rely completely on a healer who has great heals but mininal damage.

This might fix a few problems while contributing to the player diversity we all crave. Or, it might very well destroy the game we have come to enjoy. What are your opinion?

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