Top 5 Tips to Healing in ESO

It is the healer’s job to provide buffs, shards, hots, and heals to keep the group alive – however – at a certain point tanks and dps ARE responsible for taking unnecessary/ needless/ careless/ sloppy/ excessive damage. When those lines are crossed the fault lies with the dps/ tank players, NOT the healer. If you’re standing in AOE like a dumbass noob and you die – that shit is on YOU. If you drop your block at the wrong moment and take a big 1 shot or a combo – that shit is on YOU. If you lose boss or add aggro and they wipe your teammates – that shit is on YOU. Sometimes healers can heal through those mistakes – and that’s great – consider yourself fortunate. Although, ultimately, in those type of situations it is the DPS’ and Tank’s responsibility not to make sloppy, stupid mistakes.

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