Very Much Needed Features for Elder Scrolls Online Guilds

The Problem

There needs to be a feature(s) that helps a guild master to organize events and the members easier. The point of these suggestions is not for the purpose of simply saying add them. They’re intended to offer a semi – self-sufficient system that aids all of the guild in being a well oiled “machine”. It’s more work than it is fun to maintain a 200 member guild let alone 500 without help. There needs to be some sort of automatic takes care of itself response feature included in the tools available to a guild master.

Running a guild needs to be thought about as if it’s just another character to play, with it’s own loadout of powers and skills, that go beyond typing the MOTD and begging for gold from your guild to auction for a guild trader. Which btw is a horrible system – I’m just saying. It ostracizes many players. Players shouldn’t have to resort to playing lotto in order to wheedle coin from its members. And while some may enjoy these creative measures, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re created to compensate for a shortcoming in the guild system.

For goodness sakes why isn’t there an easier way to add a member to a guild? Do I really have to manually type in xxxBRAV3withBIGBULGINGBOWLINGBALLZxB3LOWxxx to find her and add her, because you’ll refuse to put it on the quick menu?

Very Much Needed Features for Elder Scrolls Online Guilds

The Guild Features should/could be:

Guild Gathering – for Setting Events – Used to organize guild members and arrange pvp, trials, dungeons, rendezvous points.

Guild Stacking – for Item Stacking – Used to condense all items in the guild bank.

Guild Sorting – for Sorting Classes – The ability to rearrange and categorize the classes in the guild, e.g. – All Sorcs under the subtitle Sorcerer, Tanks under Tanks, etc. Plus it’s further organized by the last time they were online from top to bottom.

Guild Roles – for stat % of Roles Played – The guild master can look up and see under the sorted category how many times a particular player played as a healer during a dungeon, or other event, giving an indication where that player will be most comfortable if the guild master attempts to arrange a trial run.

Guild Knowledge – for basic information – Last event played, how often do they do pvp?, how often do they run solo? how many times have they abandoned a dungeon? This is helpful information to know, if someone is likely to leave during a trial or dungeon run before it’s completed.

Guild Requesting – for Posting a Need – Everybody has a different schedule, and it’s rare to be on at the same time. But the lack of schedule synchronicity doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t be able to benefit from all the members they are in league with. So if you need a weapon made but the master craftsmen aren’t online when you are, put in the request. Fill out all the necessary information for them to follow once they’re online and find your weapon in the designated area waiting for you (and you only) to pick up, and the gold it took to make it taken from you, and automatically deposited in the guild bank for services rendered. The Master Craftsman gets rewarded like any other writ, except with some sort of guild bonuses or other reward motivation automatically in place.

Guild Support – for Reward and Member Profiting – Putting gold in the guild bank should come with an automatic reward of return profit for the member that did. The greater the investment/deposit from the member, the larger the overtime return from the items sold through the guild trader should be. This supports the members in the way the members support the guild. Motivation! Allowing the guild master to maintain dignity and not have to beg for help or use other strategies to get people involved. That is after all how a business is suppose to be ran. The profit being earned can be monitored by the player (that invested) at any time, but the payout will not occur until the end of the month. Stock Market anyone? If sales were good all are happy – if not – well then next month all dissatisfied with their cut will either give a larger portion and make sure the items up for sale are more appealing to increase profit. The point is members will feel involved and the guild is now running a business that can to a greater degree sustain itself.

There should even be a section of treasury that is not accessible by anyone including the guild master. So if the guild master ever wants to leave the guild, there isn’t a trust factor involved where players are concerned they’re going to be used and taken for their gold. No … if the guild master leaves, the business keeps going and so do the profits.

Please keep an open-mind. Many of you have not ran a guild before and have no idea the work that is currently involved, not to mention the ratio of active players/payers to those that are constantly incognito. It’s truly unnecessary and tedious work. You don’t have to agree with everything, but if there’s even one thing that you believe could be useful, support the post and lets get some changes to the guild ASAP. With housing coming out and other crafting fields, there’s going to need to be an improvement. Thanks for reading as always.

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